P0401 Honda Accord, Cleaning EGR Passages

I know I’m jumping around but it will all become clear in the end, I hope. This is once again that same Accord that I worked on but this time I focus on cleaning the EGR passages. Over time these passages become clogged with what is called “hard carbon deposits”, many speculate as to the origins of this material but it is in my opinion the product of condensation and carbon buildup inside these passages that seems to contribute to this problem. The fix is pretty straight forward as you can see but the diagnosis can be tricky at times. Sometimes the check engine light will come on for an EGR flow code, but on earlier models EGR flow is not detected by the ECU and in those cases it might manifest as a failure of an emissions test for high NOx emissions. When this is the case the symptoms sometimes include, surging on the highway or a misfire under load. For the most part EGR’s are easy to check but there are some EGR systems that are very difficult to service and repair. All I can say is to consult with the service manual or a knowledgeable tech whenever you run into a system your not familiar with. As always you can visit me at EricTheCarGuy.com ericthecarguy.com You can also leave questions as text or video responses to this or any other video I’ve posted.Stay dirty ETCG Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information. EricTheCarGuy assumes no liability for
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25 Responses to “P0401 Honda Accord, Cleaning EGR Passages”

  1. lilvietz93 says:

    quick question, i saw that you removed the valve cover, is that necessary to do when you clean the egr valve?

  2. wallyalbertson1 says:

    2005 Honda Civic LX 1.7 liter - sorry.

  3. wallyalbertson1 says:

    Sorry 2005 Honda Civic LX sedan

  4. wallyalbertson1 says:

    I’ve got a Civic LX 1.7 liter, engine looks MUCH different, anyway – pulled the code, originally got a P0401. Took it apart, cleaned the hell out of it, put it all back together, now I’m getting a P0404 code. I replaced the EGR valve about a year and a half ago … any suggestions?

  5. Key Jay says:

    Eric been a fan for a long time just wanted to thank you for sharing the knowledge because I see it as GOLD. I have a 97 honda accord LX. Iv been having a small misfiring problem . So I decided to gap my plugs becuase i forgot to do it when i first put them in about a month ago. ) right after i did that i Sea foamed my car. DO YOU THINK ITS POSSIBLE THAT THE SEA FOAM KNOCKED LOOSE some of the carb build up and clogged the holes? Iv been misfiring like NUTS after the30 minutedriveI tookafterward

  6. rolandos64 says:

    I have a 1999 Honda Accord EX Auto 4 cylinders automatic ulev. I don’t see this plate on the intake. How do I resolve this issue?

  7. mike49ization says:

    Thanks for the video. What type of the silicone paste? is that special sealant to work on high temp condition.

  8. keyblade2121 says:

    I honestly don’t think it matters. both will get pretty hot over time anyways, so its really whatever helps you get it in initially. For the injectors on my car, lube really wasn’t needed, but i’m pretty sure it won’t matter.

  9. fretwizard420 says:

    When I had to “snap” the injectors back into the fuel rail, I used a dab of clean motor oil on the o-rings & they slid right in with no problems. Now watching this and seeing you used silicone paste, should I have not used oil and gone this route instead??

  10. liam5149 says:

    Gooday Eric how often to you recomend the EGR paseges should be cleaned?

    Thanks Stay dirty

  11. jessebeales says:


    Thanx so much for the detailed video; I isolated the problem, followed the video…and voila!, the Check Engine Light is now off, ready for the annual inspection. Thanx again for your expertise.

  12. Fmiguelify says:

    Hey Eric u have a question.
    When I star my car it turn off but if I accelate it won’t turn off and when let go it turn off again when I get to a stop sign too. It does that for 10 minute then it good again. Can u help me.

  13. ryll3 says:

    I have a accord 2.2 l 1991 model. I’ve noticed, that when i try to keep my engine running for like 3000 rpm or so, it wont stay on that for to long. It slowly lowers itself in rpm. That got something to do with clogged egr? also got weird scores when i tried to get the car through inspection. co 0.4 (0.5) co 2500 0.2 (0.3) hc 096 (100) lamda sensor 1.02 (0.97 – 1.03). This i’ve got after i replaced both lambda sensor and catalysator.

  14. Trixspeed says:

    Hi Eric, I”m a Chinese female who isn’t too tech savy. I own a 1997 HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK DX (AUTOMATIC)

    I CAN’T FIND THE EGR VALVE. I’ve watched all your videos on it, but this is nowhere to be found.

    Can you please help me locate the EGR VALVE on my model civic?

    My Check engine light is on and flagging me for a blocked EGR Valve. I changed the spark plugs recently & fuel filter. But where oh where is the EGR valve? It’s not in the normal spot.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  15. 102294gg says:

    Was that a 93 Accord?

  16. mrrobertgmiller says:

    so my 92 accord is acting like the passages are plugged. thing is where i live i dont have to pass an e test. can i just disconnect the egr valve? how would i do that without getting a code?

  17. marysage1 says:

    thanks for your help!

  18. sksuser says:

    The 99 has just plugs, and no plate. Your walkthrough is gorgeous, but good thing I peeked under my fuel rail first. ;-)

  19. avsdavidt1 says:

    Another great video! Thanks,

    Are silicon grease and silicon paste the same thing? Can I use silicon grease instead of silicon paste? Thanks.

  20. 210peanutswaye says:

    8:00-on PREACH.

  21. supersesqui says:

    Is silocone paste recommended for this lubrication ?

  22. basshead908 says:

    i cleaned my them and replaced my iac,tps,distributor new exhaust still idle loopy any other ideas?

  23. mrrobertgmiller says:

    what year is the car in the video?

  24. crlsvaldovinos says:

    I have a 2000 Honda accord. is the process the same. And is it necessary to take off the valve cover

  25. ktangelbaby8 says:

    I have a 98 Honda accord.. Had the p0041 code and the p1491. Replaced the egr valve and the p0041code went away. The p1491 “insufficient egr lift” still remains. My boyfriend cleaned out one of the ports.. He said it was like a triangle shaped port? I’m wondering if there’s another port we need to clean or it the egr valve is defective. Thanks for the help

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